Children’s Book Reviews

Children’s Authors: Send me a copy of your book, and I’ll review it. Educational features and life lessons
are the main focus. An unbiased critique will be sent to Amazon. 

Want more than just words? Choose the option of a video review. I have the ability to “go live” from my home office or outside deck. Once the video is complete and edited, the review will be sent directly to you.
Share your video with groups and use it for your own marketing. 

Interested in going to the next level? Set up your book review “on location.” A book review staged in a specific place, will have a greater impact on potential readers. Imagine a story with a baseball game, being reviewed from a dugout or infield! Interested?

 Check out the Children’s Book Reviews playlist on my YouTube channel, A Write Perspective. 
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Picture of Childrens' Books

Story Telling

Who doesn’t love a good story? Enjoy listening to a classic fairytale, fable, or legend. 

Most readings are no more than 10 minutes. “Teachable Moments” crop up once in a while, 
to keep young children’s attention. Picture books with lively, colorful illustrations are used. 

Share a reading with your kids, grandkids, or classroom.
This is also a great way to help kids with reading.
Some children learn better by 
listening to a story and following along in the book. 

This two-way system improves comprehension and helps a child to recognize words. 

All story video collections are available on my YouTube channel, A Write Perspective.
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Supplemental Activities and Lessons

We all seem to learn more when we’re having fun! 

Completing “homework” is one thing. Creating new habits and unique ways of thinking, takes practice. Whether you’re looking for writing prompts, word games, or video sessions on communication, help is available. 

From building teamwork to exercises in self-discovery, let me customize learning opportunities for your programs and small groups. Adjustments can be made for different age groups and learning styles.