About A Write Perspective

“A Write Perspective”

I’ve always had a vivid imagination! Yet whenever I shared a made- up story as a youngster, I was either laughed at or ignored. I learned quickly to keep things to myself. That changed when my third- grade teacher gave me a creative writing project. I was told it would take “extra time.” But the assignment seemed effortless, and my teacher loved my paper. I caught the “writing bug” at 8 years old. 

Throughout school, I wrote poems and articles for school newspapers, and saw my future-self as a news journalist. By high school, I wasn’t interested in “the news” and decided to go into Nursing.  Even though neither of these career choices panned out, one thing remained: my love for writing and telling stories.  

In college my papers and research projects were top notch. I worked in Day Care for a few years. That’s when I fell in love with reading stories to children. Opening their eyes to worlds created inside of books, became-and remains- a true passion. 

My career in community services, special education, and state government allowed me to enhance technical writing skills: creating curriculum, writing grants,  developing marketing material, giving presentations, and designing surveys. With encouragement from mentors, I realized I had been a writer all along. I had pigeon-holed myself for 20 years; believing the only “real writer” is a NY Times best-selling author.

My creative writing laid dormant until my son was born in 1997. We read books, played “finish the story”, and listened to one another’s ideas. My motivation evaporated when my son died suddenly in March 2012. The gut-wrenching pain and grief engulfed me for over 3 years. My only escape was to write. I filled journals with anger, despair, shock, and sadness. Writing letters to my boy, and dictating “conversations” we had, helped me cope. As I came out of my “fog”, I realized how precious time is.  Notes for books scribbled on paper were going to sit there-if I didn’t DO something. 

We all have life experiences worth sharing. Your words may offer support to someone else. Actions teach  new skills and provide encouragement.  The trick is to see “your” story from another person’s point of view. Once you understand your impact, you can create a different outlook of the world for others. Take time to share extraordinary things in everyday life!


Kelly grew up in a military family, crossing the US four times by age 7. She and her family were stationed in Virginia when her father retired from the Air Force. Kelly lived in the Hampton Roads area, until graduating from high school. She moved to Richmond and attended Virginia Commonwealth University. She has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and completed post-graduate coursework in Special Education. 

Kelly has worked for various mental health community service agencies, Richmond City Public Schools, and the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services. She is a nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Qualified Mental Health Professional. For over 20 years, Kelly has been a contributing author of inspirational devotions, published by the Society of Saint Andrews. She co-authored a Best-Selling anthology and gained international recognition with publications in The Upper Room in 2021.

Kelly became a self-published children’s book author and book reviewer in 2020. As a “Founding Member” of an Independent Children’s Author Book Challenge, Kelly completed up to 20 written and video reviews of books published by fellow members. Written reviews were posted on Amazon. Video reviews can be seen in a playlist on Kelly’s YouTube channel, A Write Perspective. Her first book, Cats with a Box, was released in paperback in February 2020. The e-book version came out in early 2021. Both are available on Amazon. Two other children’s books are in development.