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Hi, I’m Kelly, and I’ve always had a vivid imagination! Yet whenever I shared a made- up story as a youngster, I was either laughed at or ignored. I learned quickly to keep things to myself. That changed when my third- grade teacher gave me a creative writing project. I was told it would take “extra time.” But the assignment seemed effortless, and my teacher loved my paper. I caught the “writing bug” at 8 years old. Throughout school, I wrote poems and articles for school newspapers, and saw my future-self as a news journalist.

Look for extraordinary moments of everyday life!


Kelly Desclos-Estes has written a delightful circular tale that shows authentic play between two cats. The illustrations by Morgan Knuckles capture the movement of the cats and adds to the tale. It’s a perfect read aloud for young children, particularly those who have cats and will be able to see theirs in the antics of the cats in the story.

Valerie Robnolt
Professor, School of Education Virginia Commonwealth University

This book is amazing! The quote on the dedication page, we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us is powerful! It’s particularly meaningful as I think about students in special education. The author and illustrator are perfect together. The spatial effects in the illustrations are awesome! The content is simple and straightforward. This book will be very appealing to those on the autism spectrum

Renee Bullano
MEd Retired Professional Educator and Transition Program Specialist, Virginia Commonwealth University

This book tells an authentic story about how cats interact. I have a 6-year-old and an  8-month old kitten. What is written is just like how they play and tussle with each other. I love it!

Anonymous Cat Owner



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